Costantino Zanda: “My name is Costantino Zanda, I live in Sardegna (Sardinia) soth coast, more precisely in  Arbus. I entered the 'knife world' when I was 16 years old, learning this art from my then-boss Francesco Pusceddu, who was a big teacher for me both on work and life for 15 great years. Unfortunately, Francesco died 4 years ago, so I decided to begin working on my own, focusing on artisan works linked to Sardegna tradition, as it is tradition which keeps identity alive. Among all my creations, a very important one is 'su Coru' (the heart), which name derives from the particular and elegant shape of this knife. To see my works, you can browse the 'Coltelleria Costantino Zanda' Facebook page".

Zanda Design designed these products for lionSTEEL:

Zanda Design

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