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Nyala is the pen created by lionSTEEL. Technological and yet elegant, it can also be an interior design item. The body is totally made of 6AI4V titanium while the inserts are available either in carbon fiber or in Super Dense Twist stainless damascus steel, by Damasteel.

Nyala is provided with TWIST Movement system together with a Fisher Space Pen Co. PR4 Refill ink cartridge, which is conceived for space missions and therefore allows writing anywhere and in any condition.

Designed by Tommaso Rumici, Nyala is available in four colours: shiny blue, shiny bronze, shiny grey, matte blue.

Nyala is supplied in an elegant wooden box that becomes its support.

Nyala Carbon Fibre by lionSTEEL, technical specifications

Total weight: 100 gr. - 3.53 oz.
Structure: Titanium
Length: 117 mm
Diameter: 10 mm
Refill: Space Pen PR4
Ink colour: Medium black

Nyala Carbon Fibre

Tommaso Rumici

Born August 3rd, 1983, Tommaso Rumici is an Italian designer who has been working the cutlery world since 2006, when he introduced his first industrial-level project.
By taking particular care to functionality and respect of the anatomy of the hand, Tommaso creates object for pratical use, with well defined lines. He focuses on aestethics only a second thing: still he meticuolsly cares for it.
Tommaso's strength is his passion, which pushes him to constantly widen his technical skills, by studyng design, mechanics, materials, treatmens and everything is need to work better.
He loves and collects writing instruments, he works with now-old-fashioned paper and ink, which he then traslates to moke-up in order to better study ergonomics.
Besides being a designer, Tommaso Rumici cooperates with weapon and knife magazines, both Italian and international, by reviewing an taking photos of the products. He also attends the main trade shows in the field, in order to always remain up-to-date.
You can find him on Instagran and Facebook.

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