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Pen with Fisher Space Pen Ink Cartridge - the most advanced ink cartridge in the world!
Fisher Space Pen Co. has been providing pens & ink cartridges for the Space Program for over 45 years, with pens flown on every manned space flight and in use, every day, aboard the International Space Station. Based on technology developed by Paul C. Fisher in 1966, The Fisher Space Pen is designed to perform reliably anywhere and everywhere.  The sealed pressurized ink cartridge inside this pen will allow it to write in extreme temperatures (-34 degrees Celsius to 121 degrees Celsius), under water, over grease, at any angle, even upside down!
"Goes Anywhere, Writes Everywhere", '
Fisher’ and ‘Space Pen’ are trademarks of Fisher Pen Co. Boulder City, NV U.S.A.
Made in USA

Space Pen refill by lionSTEEL, technical specifications

Total weight: 10 gr. - 0.35 oz.
Ink colour: Medium black

Space Pen refill

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