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Daghetta G10 satin blade
8700 G10



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Development of the historical military "Dagha" designed by Max. Equipped with LionSteel TOL, Tactical Operation Lock system, that allows both the blade opening by one hand and the blade blocking in open position. Blade in D2 Stainless Steel. Daghetta is available with different handles: flat G10, black 3D aluminum and 3D Carbon Fiber. The blade finishing are satin or PTFE. The knife has a reversible stainless steel clip, it can be fixed in both side of the knife.

Technical specifications

Variant: G10 satin blade
Overall length: 190 mm. - 7.48 in.
Blade length: 80 mm. - 3.15 in.
Blade thickness: 3 mm. - 0.12 in.
Net weight: 120 gr. - 4.23 oz.
Blade steel: D2
Packaging: Paper box

Other versions

MAX - Massimo Salice Sanna

Massimo Salice Sanna: after starting make knives in 1993 as a hobby, soon his passion became a real job and day-to-day activity. Well known for his accurate touch and the eye for details, he is considered one of the first knifemakers in Italy: he was noticed and therefore chosen by LionSteel for his precision and attention to design and mechanical features of the knives he makes. The Opera model was born in 2006, followed by other product families - Daghetta, Mini and Skinner. Currently, new designs and projects are under way to be put into production soon.

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