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TiDust LionSteel.
First knife in the world to be made ​​with the DMLS technology: Direct Metal Laser Sintering, it is an Additive Manufacturing technology. Starting from the powder of titanium, through with the technique of selective fusion, we build the Solid handle of the knife. The main advantage lies in the fact that you are able to get products using high-performance materials but dramatically reducing the weight. The blade is made of Sleipner steel, Uddeholm Sweden, and has a hardness of 61 HRC.
This knife has a IKBS system to facilitate the sliding of the blade. This system is based on two bearings positioned on both sides of the blade that improve the fluidity. The clip is made ​​of hardened steel and is reversible. Two cylindrical springs guarantee perfect strength in mechanics. It is sold with a stylish leather case.

TiDust by lionSTEEL, technical specifications

Total length: 205 mm. - 8.07 in.
Blade length: 90 mm. - 3.54 in.
Blade thickness: 4.5 mm. - 0.18 in.
Total weight: 160 gr. - 5.64 oz.
Blade steel: Sleipner steel
Blade finish: Satin finished
Locking system: Frame lock
Handle colour: Matte grey
Sheath: Leather
Packaging: Cardboard box


LionSteel Team

From Left: Pauletta Massimo (Co-owner and Production Manager), Pauletta Daniele (Co-Owner), Rorita, Mirko, Bazzo Cesarina (wife of Gino), Evelin, Angelica, Marco, Michela, Gianluca, Pauletta Gino (Founder of LionSteel), Simone (CNC Manager), Caterina, Isabella, Ika, Marco, Vittorina, Sofia and Pauletta Gianni (Co-Owner and CEO). (Giovanni is not in the picture)

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