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1. Ownership of the Web Site
This Web Site is property of the company LION STEEL S.a.s. di Pauletta Gino & C. with registered office in Via Dei Fabbri 32 - 33085 Maniago (PN).

2. Copyright and trademark
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All rights reserved.

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Duplication or memorisation of any of the contents for uses which are not personal and non-commercial is strictly prohibited, unless prior written consent has been obtained from LION STEEL S.a.s..
LION STEEL S.a.s. may modify, cancel or suspend any or all of the features of the Web Site at any point in time, including the availability of any or all of the portions of the Web Site, as well as the functions and the database of the Web Site.
LION STEEL S.a.s. may also correct any errors or omissions in any portion of the Web Site, or stipulate limitations on specific functions and services, or limit the access of users to all or a portion of the Web Site without any need for notification and without any ensuing liability.

4. Denial of guarantee and limitation of responsibility
Users acknowledge that they are utilising the Web Site at their own risk. The service is supplied in its existing state, and xxxxx explicitly denies the existence of any guarantee, be it explicit or implicit, including - though the following are merely examples - guarantees of accuracy, reliability, ownership, inviolability, suitability for specific purposes or any other guarantee, condition, assurance or declaration, be it oral, written or in electronic form, including - though the following merely represent examples - any guarantee on accuracy or completeness of any of the information contained in the Web Site or supplied by it.
The company LION STEEL S.a.s. does not declare and does not guarantee that access to the Web Site shall not be interrupted, or that the Web Site shall not contain malfunctions, errors or omissions or occasion losses of the information transmitted, or that viruses shall not be transmitted on the Web Site.
The company LION STEEL S.a.s. shall not be responsible towards users of the site, or to any third party, for any damage, be it direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive, presumably sustained following access, or the impossibility of making access, to the Web Site, including the eventuality of viruses presumably received from the Web Site, as well as the use of or reliance upon the Web Site, or on any information or material available on the Web Site.

5. Applicable laws and jurisdiction
The user acknowledges and agrees, for all relevant purposes, that any disputes which should arise from the access and/or use of the Web Site shall be subject to Italian law, and shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of an Italian Court.

6. Defence of privacy
Your name shall be entered in the Data Banks of all the companies of the LION STEEL S.a.s. , in accordance with Law 196/03 on the safeguarding of personal data (Privacy Law) exclusively for accounting, tax, administrative and commercial procedures.
It shall be possible to request that the data be updated or cancelled at any point in time, with the request being presented to the Company's data manager, by sending an e-mail to

7. Modifications
The preceding norms may be modified by the company LION STEEL S.a.s. from time to time; notifications of any revisions of these norms shall be given on this page. Continued use of the Web Site by the user shall amount to acceptance of the modifications or revisions of the norms; for this reason, we suggest that the user visit this page on a regular basis.

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