Prices published on the web site supersede any preceding ones, and are to be considered tax-included shipping-excluded final prices. Regarding products on offer, the shown prices are only valid until there is stock availability, and in any case only for the offer time frame

Can I request items which are not in the catalogue?

Lionsteel strives to satisfy all customer requests. However, we can't fullfill all of them: in particular, we can't guarante "ad-hoc" purchase of an unavailable product.
A product which is not on the catalogue will not be available for some time (more than 15 days).


What happens if one of the product I ordered is not available?

If we are not able to fullfill your order by the time written on the product sheet, we will e-mail you about that and the possible solutions.


Can I know the status of my order, and when the gods will arrive?

Yes, Lionsteel offers an online service with all the data of your orders.,

Your urser area allows to verify online the status of you order as, besides the order number, it shows the waybill number of the shipping company. In order to use this service you need to login with your e-mail address and password, and then look for the order archive.


What do I do if there are problems with my order?

In case of problems with payment or delivery, please contact us.


Is it possibile to cancel an order?

If your order is not processed, you can cancel it by sending us an-email stating the order code. This way you won't pay anything and nothing will be delivered to you.

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