LionSteel warrants all its products to be are free from defects in material and manufacturing. If a knife or other product fails to function as it was designed, you can return it to Lionsteel Warranty Repair Department for examination of the problem and assistance.

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Gino Pauletta

Gino Pauletta after half a century of experience in the world of cutlery undoubtedly has an enviable level of professionalism and experience. But only recently, after his sons Daniele, Gianni and Massimo joined the company, he has been able to dedicate time to his main passion: creating unique pieces that are completely hand made.

And so, alongside the commercial brand with the LionSteel trademark, there has been for some years now an exclusive and artistic collection, completely hand worked and signed by the artist.

But there is more. Gino Pauletta decided to place his skills at your disposal and to turn your ideas into reality. In fact you can now have your projects turned into a real knife, custom – made just for you. Contact us, the artist is waiting to hear from you.


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The knife,

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For perfect use and maintenance of your knife, please follow these simple instructions: keep you knife well sharpened.
A well sharpened knife requires less force to use it and the potential hazard is therefore reduced. Keep the locking area of the knife clean, dirt may cause the locking mechanism to malfunction. We suggest to use compressed air to clean this area.
In many of our knifes there is steel with a high percentage of carbon, in order to keep them sharp longer. Unfortunately carbon causes rust. Therefore we suggest frequent cleaning and to put a light coat of protective oil on the blade.
Can’t find what you are looking for? You can also ask for information directly by e-mail. Our technicians will answer you in the shortest time possible.


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